December 26th, 2017
4 star review
Our mother, Sofiya, 87 was admitted to the Lakeview Rehabilitation & Care Center in 2016 after an extended stay in the Valley hospital. She had a tracheotomy performed as well as the stomach PEG feeding tube installed in the hospital, and due to some brain condition was generally unresponsive. The LakeView staff was very friendly and warm and the nursing care was very attentive and timely. They cleaned, changed and re-positioned her every few hours, gave her all needed medications and took a good care of our mom in general. As the result, in 9 months she remained there, unresponsive and on ventilator 24/7, she never had any bedsores and was always attended to her medical needs. The staff was kind to us as well and made us feel better at the time of our visits. My sister and I are very grateful to the LakeView staff for all their care.
Jerry F.
Family Member

April 4, 2017
5 star review
Lakeview rocks

March 27, 2017
5 star review
The place was so clean the staff was so friendly the food is the and the care was amazing.
Steve I

March 22, 2017
5 star review
Had a wonderful time at Lakeview, subacute experience was good.
Julio B

March 6, 2017
My father has been at Lakeview for almost a  year now. Everything is very good. The nurses and staff are really nice the place is always clean and everyone has a smile. He is on a tranche and they respiratory staff are excellent. I spend most of my day here and it’s a great place to be.

Jeffery L
Family Member

I went to lakeview after I had cardiac surgery. My friend convinced me to go saying she had a great experience there. I am going home soon after 3 weeks of amazing rehab. I feel like a new person. The staff were so warm and caring. The place was spotless and the food was out of this world. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Juan Z.
Former Patient

At Lakeview I just got better and better and better.

The facility is great. For anyone who needs rehab – this is the place. On December 1st I had a massive heart attack – complicated with pneumonia. At the hospital, they thought I was not going to make it. Finally this past Friday I came home. After 81/2 months. Therapy at Lakeview was great. The care is excellent. The food is excellent (on time and with a menu to choose from!)

Would I recommend Lakeview? Definitely – without a doubt.
I am looking forward to returning to Lakeview but just to say hello – and help with Bingo!


– – John Couturier, A recently discharged vent patient

My family is very grateful that we had Yvonne Murphy involved with our family member’s care when he was a patient at your facility. Yvonne was the very best in every way and always went above and beyond with him. Three times a week Yvonne showed us trachea care and suctioning techniques prior to patient being discharged to come home. Our knowledge, technique and confidence grew to the point where we could take care of our relative, all due to Yvonne’s expertise. Yvonne has an exceptional knowledge in her field, and passed along her confidence to us so we would be the best we could be with his respiratory needs and care. Yvonne strived to make sure we did our very best, and nothing less for him. Your carefulness for our loved one made him very lucky to have had Yvonne as a large part of his care.

We want you to know how wonderful Yvonne was with us. You are very fortunate to have Yvonne as a team leader. We will always remember her encouragement and compassion for her patients.

Also, the nurses, social service and other related staff involved with our loved ones care was exceptional. We are also thankful for their professionalism, courteousness and efficient care.

We also want you to know that he had his trachea removed, is off oxygen most of the time, and is recovering far faster than we imagined. Our hopes are high for even greater strides in his recovery. We count our blessings every day.


– The Family of one of your prior patients

I would like to thank the entire staff at Lakeview for taking such wonderful care of my mom, Mickie Gebbia, during the past few months. You are all caring professionals who do a wonderful job. She came in here a “wreck” and is leaving a “whole person” again. I do not remember employee names, but to all departments; nursing, aides, P.T, O.T, food service, dietary, housekeeping, social services, admissions – thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending her back to her family. Special thanks to: Eloise, Pat, Dee, Gina, Nicoletta, Caroline, Wendy, John, Odessa, Kristy, Shirley, Lilli, and Sue, and Paula and Nicole. An extra thanks to all those whose names I can’t recall. You guys are the best! Keep up the good work and always know that you all make a difference!

With admiration & appreciation

– Family of Mickie Gebbia

In Memory of our Mom and Grandma, Maria T. Villamarzo

We will like to extend our deepest gratitude to the Administration and Staff at Lakeview Subacute Care Center.

To the East Wing staff, Debbie on days, Cora on evenings, Delia at night and Coco, Unit Manager, for the love and care they gave Maria day after day. Coco, your support gave me the strength to accept the inevitable. To the CNA’s Carleen, Maria T, Luisa and Wil, thank you all very much. Wil you knew my Mom looked at you as her other grandson. The most caring called that I received at 5:00am February 25, 2012 helped me accept that my mom went home.

To the Recreation staff, Marva, David, Brian, Nicole, Nicoletta and Caroline, my mother enjoyed so much going out for ice cream, Christmas plays and her last trip to see the pumpkin field, that was new experience for her. Playing bowling, basketball, doing arts and crafts was very relaxing for her. She was very proud of her certificates and ribbons. She used to tell me: I am in a bowling team, look I won prizes, I am #1. Everyone was making a difference, not only for my Mom but for all the other residents.

The Dietary Dept. and the Kitchen staff Norma, Solidad and Luis, you all tried to please her with what she wanted to eat. A lot of patience was needed, Maria was always a picky eater. Thank you so much.

I don’t want to forget the Physical Therapy staff that was my Mom’s first contact at Lakeview. I remember the long hours that all of you spend helping her gain her strength back after her open heart surgery.

To Dr. Brar, that took time from her busy schedule to visit her on her 100th Birthday and bring her a cake. My mother was so happy because she has more than one cake to celebrate her birthday. Everybody at Lakeview took time to make October 14, 2011 Maria’s special day, thank you all.

Last but not least, Nicole and Paula, your door was always open when I needed help and support. Both guide me to solve problems and issues that were new to me with so much caring and patience. I love you both.

My mom is now resting in peace at home. Now she is giving me company. I can say goodbye when I go to work and Hi Ma when I come home.

– Maria’s Son-in-Law, Daughter and Grandson

I am writing today in behalf of my mother, Zoe Hoehne. Zoe resided at your facility from July 2011 until she passed away last week on August 14, 2014. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for the wonderful care she received during these last years of her life. The professional care, the warmth, and the true affection each and every person surrounded her with every day was comforting not only to her, but also to me, as I struggled with meeting her needs.

EVERY person involved with her care was exemplary. I must especially commend the head nurse, Coco, for her outstanding professionalism, care and depth of knowledge. She helped me navigate through the murky path that is Alzheimer’s. I relied so much in her thoughtful and extensive knowledge and experience in caring for these patients with such great needs. She understands how to work with ht family and provide me with support, information and compassion. She is truly a treasure, and I want to thank her publicly, and profusely.

The wonderful people in the recreation department brought joy and companionship into her life every day. Nicoletta with her compassion and energy. Gino and Gabriella who treated her like a dear family member. Even up to the end, Mom would respond to their warm, friendly companionship. Babe and Patrick who always reached out to her and engaged her, thank you; and Carlos, who would always make me feel welcome with a warm greeting as I signed in.

I would remiss not to include Wendy, the beautician, for special recognition. My mother loved the special attention and care received at her weekly appointment. Wendy went well above and beyond to make Mom feel special and beautiful.

Your social workers, Nicole and Paula, provided the experience and support I needed as I stumbled through and admissions process fraught with personal difficulties and family issues. I will forever be grateful for their warmth and poise at a time when I sorely needed them.

There are so many others who contributed to her care every day. They fed her, washed her, dressed her, but most of all they treated her with patience, fondness and respect. As I sit here experiencing the loss of my mother, I find great comfort in knowing that we had the good fortune of having these exceptional people guiding her through those last, difficult years. They are truly God’s work.

–With gratitude, Sue M. Hoyt

I was at Lakeview basically for a month starting early April of 2015. I had double knee replacements and had to stay at your facility for an extended stay. I want to start by saying that the recovery was the worst experience of my life but the people who took care of me at Lakeview were really wonderful professionals who made me feel extremely comfortable. I missed being at work, I missed being able to come and go as I please, I missed not showering, I just missed my life as I knew it. It was the very lowest time in my life, yet the people who interacted with me on a daily basis lifted my spirits: Brian, thank you for allowing me to have my own room, that was something extremely important to me and you made it happen. Shirley bathed me every day and just that experience humbled me and gave me a huge appreciation for care workers who care for patients every day with a smile; the patience they display is remarkable. I will always remember Shirley and always be so very grateful to her for taking such good care of me and trying to keep me clean. Maxi was extraordinary. She came in with help, bathed me completely in my hospital bed and washed my hair: It felt like someone gave me a million dollars. It was something above and beyond Maxi’s job description and I will always remember that and be eternally grateful. I want to give a tremendous thank you to Doreen Chiaramida. Doreen came in to see me every day and gave me such special individualized attention. She took the time to talk to me and every day like clock work she would bring me my two ice cream cups – and always got the flavors right. Her talks with me were very uplifting and again, she went well above her job description. I will always remember her and the special things she did for me. The physical therapy department was supportive and got me moving and bringing me to new challenges. George always had a smile on his face and pushed me but didn’t have unrealistic goals. So, Brian, I do ask you a favor. I ask you to share my thoughts with the people who were really wonderful to me because I want them to know how very much I appreciate them. They should be applauded.

– Karen Martone

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful care your entire staff gave to my husband Paul Trotter, the entire time he was at your facility. Everyone was so concerned about him and he always felt they went out of their way for him. Especially I would like to thank Laurie Edler and Maxine Downer who really showed their love and concern for him up until his last day, so a special thank you to them.

– Sincerely, Stephanie Trotter