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Lakeview’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Department consists of physical, occupational and speech language therapists who have specialized training in treating patients with post cardiac events and procedures. With strong clinical background in cardiac care, our stellar staff of specialized nurses, integral to our multidisciplinary team, work under the direction of a leading cardiologist to treat and tend to patients recovering from cardiac bypass surgery, heart failure, valve replacement, angioplasty, stents and cardiac catheterization procedures, as well as heart attacks.

Our Comprehensive Program includes:

  • Individualized Evaluations & Treatment Programs
  • Standardized Assessments to monitor patients during treatment session
  • Discharge Planning begins at time of initial evaluation
  • Use of Wireless Telemetry, when necessary, during treatment sessions to measure cardiac output as patient engages in exercise programs, self-care training, ambulation training or stair climbing activities
  • Patient Education: lifestyle modifications & disease process, smoking cessation, nutrition assessment & recommendations for healthy eating, energy conservation/work simplification techniques
  • Strict Adherence to all Cardiac Precautions during individualized treatment sessions
  • Therapy up to 7 days a week
  • BLS Certified Therapists
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